Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back in Toronto after a quick stay with my parents.

You know, it never seems like I have enough time there/with them.

This time, I decided I was gonna go to church. And I surprised myself by liking it.

I looked around at the packed hall with all the children and their mothers and fathers holding them, or arms draped over their shoulders, sharing something. The families who couldn't give a hoot about fashion, but content as hell because they have their wife and their children and their little jobs they do to pay for the house and the gymnastics classes and the weekends when they go for an hour to give thanks for all their life's riches.

And it made me at once sad and hopeful. Sad for myself because that's a brand of contentedness that I don't foresee for myself anytime soon. Hopeful, because it was that family closeness that I thought was gone in the world. After seeing day after day of parents verbally abusing their small children as they struggle up the TTC steps and make their meandering way to their seat, staring at the strangers, I wonder how children can possibly grow up to love themselves when even I feel so much bitterness emanating from their frustrated parents.

It was a nice way to reflect on the week and on my life ahead.
I wondered if perhaps I need to feed my soul more often.

And now it's time to focus on my class project on Web Strategy. Feels pretty frivolous after some of the thoughts I've had today. Perhaps this is why those with faith have been shown to be happier people. Perspective.

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