Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm totally jealous.

Kat has a blog and it's really good. And pink. And cute.

And my blog still looks like my original site, even though I keep meaning to get around to redesigning AND I never post anything interesting. Yes, I realize that I'm making this all about me. Me me me, that's all we ever hear about in this blog.

God, I need to write again.

Good work, Kat!


Kat said...

Hey Cath - glad you like the site! Thanks for the props :-) I find that when you don't have a job, it's really easy not to post about your work...for whatever that's worth. Lol.

Unknown said...

Kat says she had problems posting to my comments. However, as we can all see, they are fine. Aside from being largely nonexistent, of course.