Friday, November 19, 2004

Hosting Solutions - what's best?
50mb disk space
20G/month transfer
99.9% Uptime
$80AUS/year (tax included)

1000 mb disk space
5 gb/day transfer
24/7 live chat help
99.9% uptime
$7.77/mo (US?)
1 year = $93.24 no setup fee?
800mb space
40 gb trans/mo
Supposed to be good; recommended by DigitalEve Toronto
unlimited transfer
$4.95/mo (US)
$20 set up fee
99.9% up time
50 mb disk space

GO Web Server
100mb disk space
5 gigabytes of transfer/month
$4.95 per month or $49.50/yr (US)
(2 months free - but no uptime guarantee for a reason)

What do you use? What's the best?

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