Monday, November 22, 2004

I feel bad about today. I wasn't the nicest person.

I complained about my client to my team, I was snotty to my boss and didn't spread joy like I often try to. I barely even spoke to some of my usual coworkers.

Today I did not feel refreshed by my weekend.

I'm not exactly sure what the problem was. I guess I feel like I didn't accomplish much.

I'd meant to finish decorating my place. Didn't do ANYTHING. I'd been waiting for Alex to come over to help me with it and we had a bit of a disagreement so that added to the unpleasantness. I had a migraine. I didn't clean anything. I didn't cook anything. I went to Alex's house and we watched TV.

I read my book. Lovely bones. Great book. But it didn't feel like much.

The one great thing I did was go to visit Scott and Kat and watch the Grey Cup on their massive lovely TV. Well, I suppose I didn't exactly watch. It was more like, sitting, blabbing, and stuffing my face with yummy food while the Grey Cup played in the background. It was great. I really don't get together with my friends enough.

I need to focus on those good things instead of moping about the bad.
Life would be nothing without friends.


Kat said...

Cath - sometimes the biggest accomplishment is just being social/relaxing/spending time with friends. Your apartment will be availabe for decorating anytime, don't beat yourself up :-) Can you tell Scott has been hypnotizing me every morning?

Rachael said...

Cathy - don't be so hard on yourself for not "accomplishing anything". Lately you don't seem as happy as you have been (my perception, based on blog reading, may not be entirely accurate) and when we are unhappy everything we are unhappy about becomes a bigger deal. I think the ultimate accomplishment in one's life is to find enjoyment and happiness.

Anonymous said...

You know Craps, sometimes its important to remember that TP is the fabric of life. Enjoy those moments.

Unknown said...

I can always count on Matt to say the right thing.

Rachel, it really makes me sad to know that I come off as sounding sad. I've been struggling for sure.

I'm not sure what's wrong. However, I agree that finding the good in my life is likely the key. The good has not gone away - it's just my perception that's skewed. And even though I tell myself this, I don't know how to fix it and make it feel real.