Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Reading SARK's Make Your Creative Dreams Real and started to really think about my creative dreams.

Do you remember the dreams you had when you were 7 years old?
I wanted to be a singer. And a dancer. A figure skater. And an actress. Oooooh, did I want to be an actress. I wanted to perform so much I could SEE it!

I took drama class.
It was boring. I quit.

I took figure skating. And gymnastics. And ballet.
Quit. Quit. Quit.

SARK says it's OK to quit sometimes. I wonder if that many times qualifies as "sometimes"?

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Anonymous said...

Once I too wanted to be a ballerina so bad !! i took books out of the library with how to pictures & taught myself some
"plias" (i believe they are called). Then, being a show off , danced in front of the grade 6 classroom. Embaressing as I fell into the desks after a leaping finale. As one observant classmate said "you don't know how to do ballet!" So I never did it again. Sark would be proud that I tried