Saturday, August 07, 2004

I was just looking at my web traffic statistics and, as usual, I was really quite surprised.

My traffic has nearly tripled since I was in Australia! I just can't even BELIEVE that! I mean, I think I post less now and I would have thought that my posts weren't that exciting, given that I'm not travelling in what most of the people I know would consider an "exotic" locale.

I found out that, no surprise, most of my traffic is from the Toronto area. About half. But a significant portion of my site traffic is coming from the west coast (perhaps Calgary?) and Europe (or Africa, I suppose). No surprise on that one, since I met many people in Australia who are from Europe. I have a small following in Western Australia, but almost nothing in the rest of Australia. Gee, thanks David!

I also get the usual referrers from Sharon and Sarah and even from Emmilie. But then I get people looking for "Chinese pastry shops" and "amazing sex acts". Like, HOW did they get to MY site? I guess as long as I keep quoting crap like that, the people will keep coming back.

Of course, the NUMBER ONE referrer: cleavage. Whatever. Maybe I should make money off that -- make people pay 50-cents per view? Thank god for Google Images.


Rachael said...

Cathy, my friend Sarah and I may be responsible for some of the high west coast traffic on your website. We both check your blog on a regular basis - along with a few other favorites. We are web-junkies.....

Anonymous said...

I've been checking your blog regularly hoping for more details about the dramatic events of a few weeks ago, that you said was forthcoming. I am extemely disappointed by the equanimity of your life. All I'm getting from your blog are weather reports - Toronto's and more recently Boston's. Hopefully you'll be more than a weathervane and barometer. Alas, I'll still drop by frequently, one can never get enough of people who over-use the word "lovely".

Unknown said...

No apologies for mentioning the weather. I have people who read this from all over and my mood is often dependent on the weather. I'm sorry you take exception to it.

I report on my homelife by mentioning that I'm moving (or that I moved on the weekend), or that I'm having a great time when my roommate's on vacation (aside from cat defication). It's difficult to post about one's homelife when one's roommate might be reading one's blog and one is concerned that one's life might be made even more difficult.

Not that I'm describing me of course. Just hypothetically speaking.

Unknown said...

By the way, just a note about the use of the word "equanimity" above:
Main Entry: equa·nim·i·ty
Pronunciation: "E-kw&-'ni-m&-tE, "e-kw&-
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin aequanimitas, from aequo animo with even mind
1 : evenness of mind especially under stress
2 : right disposition : BALANCE
synonyms EQUANIMITY, COMPOSURE, SANGFROID mean evenness of mind under stress. EQUANIMITY suggests a habit of mind that is only rarely disturbed under great strain "accepted her troubles with equanimity". COMPOSURE implies the controlling of emotional or mental agitation by an effort of will or as a matter of habit "maintaining his composure even under hostile questioning". SANGFROID implies great coolness and steadiness under strain "handled the situation with professional sangfroid".

I'm not really sure that this term applies to me.
But then, you've never seen me when I'm in a panic. Ask Kendra or Alex.