Saturday, August 07, 2004

Dave is in town!

Thursday night we had dinner with Anita; I made my famous pizza.

Last night, we went for a drink with loads of people at the Amsterdam Brewery and then went to see "The Village". Cool movie. Although still not as good as "The Sixth Sense".

Of course, I was scared. I suck at suspenseful movies.

And today? Another cloudy, cold day in Toronto in a crappy summer. Seriously, in Sydney, 20-degrees was considered almost winter weather. But we plan on seeing more movies (just like old times!) and going to Chapters for a bit and maybe going to Taste of the Danforth.

Tomorrow, I'm moving! Finally. This time, I have keys, I have a schedule, and I have a booked elevator. Yay! I hate moving with a passion. But I have to do it at some stage. Or I'll end up like I was before I left for Australia: a panicked mess.

And WHAT am I doing up this early on a weekend?
7:30am my mind was awake thinking, maybe I should do some laundry before Dave wakes up. Maybe I should make bread. Maybe... maybe my mind could have SHUT THE HELL UP and let me get some sleep!

But no.
So here I am, the bread in the bread maker, the towels in the wash, my eyes heavy, talking to you.

I suck at sleeping.

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