Monday, August 16, 2004

It's amazing what one can do in a weekend.

This was the thought I had on sunday morning when I discovered a plastic hollow penis in my purse when I went for a subway token. I tried to cover it up quickly before the old lady standing quietly next to me peeked in and looked at me disapprovingly.

No, I don't generally carry around plastic, surprisingly realistic male appendages in my bag. Saturday night was Katrina's stagette party.

It was an absolute RIOT!
I arrived at midnight, having been moving up until 10:30pm. All the other girls were three sheets to the wind. I was... well, not.

On our way to Vince Carter's bar, Kat walked across three lanes of traffic to talk to the cops on horse back and charm them into having her picture taken with them. Instead of saying "cheese" she shouts, her eyes at half-mast, a sloppy grin on her face: "I'm horny for big horse cock!" (Think of the google hits that's going to get me.)

She wore a life-saver-covered top with the words "Suck for a Buck" scrawled across the back. She complained (probably about 600 times) that she'd showed up in the cutest white outfit. "Cathy, honestly, it was so nice. And they made me change into this."

And then, of course, was the plastic "cup" she was made to drink from.
Which ended up in my purse. Of course.

I also managed to clean my new apartment with my new roommate, Jimmy, who warned that James is a bit messy. It's OK, James warned me that Jimmy is a bit of a goof. Jimmy also started to complain about how their old roommate, Tom, used to cook and make it smell in the apartment. (Shades of current roommate conflict. Panic.) "I don't cook," he says proudly. And then he said maybe I can help him with girl advice. This should be interesting.

I also went home to celebrate Matt's birthday. I got him a kick-ass quick-dry maroon zippered golf shirt (which of course he loved and looks good in). I got my belated birthday present from my mom : a Panasonic MP3 player! I'm so excited I might pee my pants!

Only 4 more sleeps until vacation.

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