Saturday, August 14, 2004

How much spam can one person GET?!

I thought that Hotmail was bad. Don't get me wrong, Hotmail is bad. But now spammers have gotten hold of my address and are killing me. Fifty spams per day. At least. No wonder I end up deleting genuine emails to me. If I don't recognize the sender -- DELETE.

Thanks, I don't want Viagra. Guess what? I'm not going to open a "no subject" email from someone I don't recognize with an attachment. How retarded do they think I am? I'm not really interested in teen sluts, either. (Oh crap, that's going to get me some funky Google hits.) And I already HAVE a degree; I don't need to pay for a fake one. Nor do I need to refinance my non-existent house. But thanks for the offer. DELETE ALL.

(PS: Rachel, thanks for reading!)

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