Monday, December 08, 2003

Today was a crap day.

First of all, it was Monday morning after a lovely weekend.
Strike One.

Then, I found out my friend Karen is leaving before Christmas.
Strike Two.

Finally, my job became hell on earth.
Strike Three.

Karen and I had been asked to move our desks Monday morning because they were going to be moving around some teams and some other people were supposed to sit in our spots. CRAP.

What that really meant was that they wanted us to move to a spot where someone could watch our every move, our very cursor dart across the page!

When our friend Seph came down to say good morning, some woman we've never been introduced to swoops down on us.

"Since you obviously don't have enough to do..." WHOMPH! Drops a stack of papers on our desks.

Right. And I was on my BREAK.
Blood pressure check: elevated.

Then Karen is instant-messaging David, asking him to get her some food from the cafeteria so she doesn't get in trouble for leaving her desk.

Some guy we've never been introduced to suddenly appears over her shoulder, informing her that she is in breach of company policy by using the messenger for non-work-related purposes!

Blood pressure check: I'm giving my self a headache I'm so mad.

So we've clearly been told : no talking to anyone, no instant messaging (or non-work-related emails or blogging of course) and on Friday we were also flogged for our slackness in logging into our telephones. I was asked pointedly if I really got in at 8am, as my phone login was at 8:17am. My God. I forgot to login. Kill me.

No, seriously, kill me now. I cannot stand being treated like a child. I am diligent and good at what I'm doing. If there is a problem with my work, then TELL me. But otherwise, don't make me feel guilty if I decide I'd like to write an email on my lunch half-hour. I feel insulted by this. Haven't they ever read the Cluetrain Manifesto?

I need to find a new job.

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