Sunday, December 07, 2003

Just back from yabbying in Shepparton with Stuart (whom I met at the Melbourne Cup). I finally made it out to the country (about two hours outside Melbourne) to take Stuart up on his offer to take me out yabbying. And it was so worth it!

Stuart picked me up from the station and I dropped off my stuff at his beautiful place before we went out to do some wine tasting in the Goulbourn Valley. We went to Mitchelton and Tahbilk where I tasted close to every wine possible, including some new variaties that I'd never tried before: Roussanne and Marsanne. Not a big fan; but did like the Tahbilk '98 Chardonnay. Stuart bought a Mitchelton red and we went back to his place to get our bathers and head out to his coworker's pool party.

I met a couple other people that I'd met at the Melbourne Cup in the WestPac marquee and a bunch of new people as well.

We ate and drank and talked and got into the spa later that night and had an interesting run-in with a vodka-marinated watermellon IN the spa... then they started trying to throw people in the pool, had some food fights, drinking games (ever heard of the "ibble dibble" drinking game?) and then it was time to go home. I was disappointingly tired.

This morning, Stuart made me a champion's breakfast of superbly poached eggs and bacon. And then we went yabbying. I learned much about catching them and have proud photos to put up later. I also learned a surprising lot about agriculture in general. And then Stuart cooked up the little crustaceans and taught me how to peel and eat them and I am forever in his debt for introducing me to them, as they are the tastiest treat I've had in a LONG time!

Great, just what I needed: a new food to love.
Big cheers to Stuart for his amazing hospitality!

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