Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Better day today!

Doing a new job at work is a little bit more interesting... processing emailed mastercard requests. I actually got to suggest some improvements to the process, which made me feel like a smarty pants.

And, you know me, I'm always happy to be a smarty pants.

But I'm still putting out my resume since I'm not too certain about my job at the moment.

And then Theresa and Alex tell me that the Uptown Theatre in Toronto collapsed! Shocking! I used to go see movies there with Dave all the time. I could have been one of the students trapped in there, if not for the fact that I'm all the way over here in Australia and Dave's in Japan...

OK, so maybe not such a close brush with destruction...


Now I haven't had a real chance to sort these all out with captions and making an "album" and all that. REmember, I'm not allowed to use the Internet at work anymore! So I'm off to a play-reading with my friend Anne now and I'll try to fix it up later...


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