Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I should know well enough to keep my mouth shut and my fingers quiet. David does not understand Canadian sarcasm and is now at home majiking me a computer.


I slept a little better last night (more than three hours anyway - maybe even five hours!) but am still coughing and the cough syrup recommended by the chemist did nothing. Dammit.

~ Cough Cough Cough ~

Tonight is New Years Eve and I'm working at the Melbourne Museum, catering.

I'm hoping I get paid well for this. I'm also hoping it doesn't suck ass. I have no patience for a crappy assignment tonight.

Yes, I'm a baby and I'm grumpy.

On the YAY-side of life, yesterday was 35-40 degrees and right now it's 23. And I'm wearing my new pretty shirt, although there is no one here to appreciate it. And I finished The Little Prince and it was the cutest and made me think and I love that. Thanks Raye!

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