Thursday, December 11, 2003

Last night I went with Scott and Karen and Anne and her friend Jonathan to the Gaslight Night Market which was very cool.

We were supposed to go out to a jazz club afterwards, but Anne and Jonathan backed out. I was happy enough to be in bed by midnight anyway.

Let me tell you, working at 7:45am is not my idea of fun.

I'm tired tired tired. So I'm NOT going to swing dancing class tonight. But I AM going to pig out at Pizza Hut and then flake out on the couch for the evening. I'm so exciting I can't STAND it!

However, I am planning a big night out this Saturday, after working my butt off all day, catering. My big chance to get my groove-on...


  • It is about 25-30 degrees in Melbourne pretty much every day now.

  • There are decorations everywhere: christmas trees, tinsel, Myers has their Grinch Christmas window up and people are lined up out front to watch the magic. My team at work has decorated with particular gusto, which makes me a little nostalgic for the cheap, tacky decorations at home during the holidays.

  • The cutest Christmas site was sent to me by Sarah: Happy Tree Friends

  • Finally sent off my first Christmas package... as IF it's going to get there on time. I suck.
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