Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Yesterday was Femke's birthday.

Our household (plus Femke's other Cdn friend, Susie) went out for thin-crust pizza at Arthur's Pizza in Darlinghurst. I'd heard it was some of the best pizza in Sydney. I was disappointed. It even had goat cheese and I was STILL disappointed! We had some lovely PepperTree Chardonnay, though.

Then we went to the Imperial Hotel next door, where Femke used to work. (It's actually a pub.) Had drinks there with my new housemate, Jim, telling me that I need to be less nice, more cutting. I'll work on it.

I also had to defend Toronto. Susie is from Vancouver and told everyone that Vancouverites are more active than Torontonians. I do NOT believe this is true. Of course, this is solely based on my biased, anecdotal evidence.

Now I'm looking for a new roommate as Femke is leaving for New Zealand on Sunday.
Know anyone who's looking to share a room in Sydney for two months?

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