Tuesday, June 10, 2003

1. I missed Andy's birthday. Happy belated birthday to my sweet friend. He is now one year smoke-free.

2. Got a letter from my mom today. It had a picture of her beside the tulips in our garden at home, and a picture of my cat sitting inside my parents' woodstove. I miss him sooo much.

3. Was thinking of everyone today at yoga class. During the meditation at the end of class, the teacher said "Think of someone you love. Think of your heart and how full of love it is. Now think of all of that love spilling over to envelope all of those people you care about... think of the wonder of your family and friends and the love they give to you." I pictured my mom and dad, my sister, my brothers. Sarah, Jane, Andy, Alex, Tony... all of those people who have given me so much support lately. I literally gave them hugs in my head. I wonder if they felt that I was thinking of them. I was overcome with emotion. My heart IS full of love.

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