Monday, June 09, 2003

Saturday I worked a half day at Melograno then met up with my friends Andrea and Sarah (the girl from Canada that I met in the Blue Mountains who knows my brother, for goddessakes!).

We went to the Darling Harbour Jazz Festival and saw a fantastic Blue Brothers tribute as well as part of a swing concert. Met Andrea's friends that she's staying with here (in a suburb called Parramatta, where you can actually afford to live). They're also Canadian.

It got too cold and I was too tired to deal with it, so I got just a wee bit pouty and we went to Gloria Jeans for coffee and had a mini Canadian party. We talked about Canadian bands and how we hate when Aussies say "ta".

Andrea, Sarah and I walked back to my place for the party for my housemate Dong, who is leaving to go back to the Netherlands. We dranks chocolate martinis and then Andrea and Sarah went home... I kept going. Had a lovely talk with my Irish housemate, Noel (who was quite upset that I asked how to spell his name) and my soon-to-be-new-housemate, Jim (whom I mistakenly called Joe, which is his brother's name). Also chatted with a couple of friends from work who dropped by.

At 4:30am, the party was going strong, but I had to work the next morning, so I decided to go to bed. Well, that was until I walked into my room, turned on the closet light to discover that someone was doing bad things in there! I turned right around and walked out... I was so shocked! Noel and Jim were not surprised by my discovery. My closet, as I mentioned earlier, IS mirrored on 3 sides, including the ceiling. But Jim came with me to help me kick them out, as I did have to get to sleep. What a gentleman.

Worked at Melograno on Sunday and then came home to clean just a little before taking a short and well-deserved nap.... Our front gate was destroyed. Someone kicked it in. It's a splintered mess. We also had couch cushion innards all over our living room floor. I'm guessing it was all Ander's fault.

After my nap, I met up with Sarah and Scott (the guy she's staying with) down at Darling Harbour for more Jazz Festival (after stopping in at the Coffee Roaster for my skim latte FIRST, of course!). Scott went to work after the Bobby Gebert Trio finished their set. Sarah and I continued on to the main "Aquashell" which was a floating ampitheatre set up for the festival. We saw Monsieur Camembert's tribute to Louis Prima. It was absolutely outstanding. So sharp.

I got us yet another coffee from Gloria Jeans while we waited for the next concert; the "featured event". Renee Geyer and her band were good, I suppose. Not my favourite style of jazz. Much preferred Monsieur Camembert. Might buy a CD, except that I don't really want to carry it around when I travel again, since I won't have anything to PLAY it on.

After the last concert there was a fantastic fireworks display, set to jazz music, of course. It was a bit chaotic, but still quite impressive.

Sarah and I went to Scott's work for dinner. He's a waiter at an Italian pizza place that caters to American tourists. I had lamb pizza! It was good, but I have to admit that I like the pepperoni half better. I liked the chocolate mud cake that I had for dessert even more.

Sarah walked home with me, as she was staying over. We had to be at the Central YHA by 7:50am the next day and it only takes 10 minutes to walk there from my house (as opposed to an hour from Parramatta).

Today (holiday Monday), Sarah, Andrea and I did the Hunter Valley wine tour. It's the oldest wine region in Australia, although only a year older than the Barossa Valley. Our first tasting and tour of wine-making facilities was at the most beautiful vineyard, Iron Gate. Sarah bought a bottle of Semillon there. I wasn't so excited about their wines.

Then we visited the Golden Grape Estate, where I bought way too much liqueur (butterscotch, "Latina" and "love in a bottle"). We stopped for lunch near McGuigan's winery, and did tastings at the cheese factory (yummy goat cheese!) and fudge and chocolate companies. Finally, we did a tasting at Rothbury Estate, which had the best wine, I think. But I'd already spent enough money, so I didn't buy any.

On the way home, I was watching the beautiful scenery go by when I noticed a sign that said "This way Sydney; this way Toronto". No kidding. There's a town called Toronto here. I wish I'd gotten a photo of that.

And that was my weekend. Whew.

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