Thursday, June 12, 2003

Tonight, I saw Songket at The Studio theatre (the little theatre under the famous Opera House). Good play; not such great actors.

Even though I went by myself, it was nice because beforehand, my friend Andrea and I walked around Newtown (kind of like The Annex/Kensington area in Toronto) and had a lovely sushi dinner.

Andrea made me realize how fortunate and worldly I am. She first had sushi when she was in Australia for her first time when she was 25. She doesn't have Japanese restaurants in her hometown in Germany. So I explained the etiquette of eating Japanese and ordered for us as well. It was REALLY good Japanese food. Thanks to my coworker, Ben, for recommending Asakusa to us.

I'm dead tired. Last night I went out with Andrea and Sarah (from Calgary/Etobicoke) for Indian dinner. It was Sarah's last night in Sydney, so we were having a little goodbye celebration. Drank lots of wine and some of the Golden Tango liqueur I bought on my Hunter Valley Tour at the Golden Grape Estate. Probably drank too much of it. But it IS called "Love in a Bottle" for a reason.

Anyway, Sarah slept over as she had to be at Central Station to catch her bus VERY early. She got to sleep on a bus all day. I got to work at the Coffee Roaster at 8am.

Must get to bed. Working again tomorrow at the Coffee Roaster at 7:30am.
Need more sleep.

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