Saturday, June 14, 2003

Andrea made me spaetzle, a special German dish, for dinner. It was VERY good. She made it in the traditional way, the way she says only grandmothers make it these days. Normally, she'd use a special machine to make it.

I will make it for my mom and dad when I get home, I think, just to show off how cool I am.

Andrea is the only person I know who likes food as much as me and Sarah (and my friend Michelle).

After dinner, she showed me where she's from. Plochingen, near Stuttgart. She was so excited. She was also very excited to see lots of recipes on the Web. She CLAIMS to be the best baker. I told her that Sarah and her should have a bake-off.

I told her about my special birthday cheesecake. She wants the recipe. She says "we don't have that at home." It's her famous saying. She just uses it as an excuse to try all the yummy things here.

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