Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The roof and other things I never wanted to know about my house

Last night, my amazing roofer came over to collect money for the completed roof and eavestroughs project (unsexy reno project #2 as mentioned in my last blog).

He is so great about telling me what he found when he was working. In my pictures (click on the photo for more house porn on Picasa), you'll see the insulation put in on my back extension. That went off without a hitch. But the top and front; well, that's another story.

Top: Apparently, my chimney is flakey. I guess I knew there was something going on from the home inspection done in September. But they only said I needed to continue the liner for the gas furnace venting. OK, no big deal. Now my roofer says he doesn't know that the chimney is venting ANYTHING. That it's possibly blocked. Great.

Front Bay Window: This was done over in metal. When he pulled off the existing metal, he found it was full of holes in all the multiple layers of metal sheet roofing there. And under the last layer was a mound of soaking wet insulation. And we all know how awesome wet insulation works: awesomely. So he took that out, dripping. And then found mushy wood under that. Also very awesome. So he put that out of its misery too and replaced it with, you know, wood of the non-rotten variety. Novel idea in this place, apparently.

Oh the good news keeps on coming in.

Lots of opportunities to help me decide where to spend my money. And by that I mean: not on vacations.

I love my house. I love my house. I love my house...

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