Friday, May 22, 2009

The house update

Unsexy reno #2, done.

That would be my $8k-roof. Ya, when you're working your butt off to save money while still making your house liveable, it feels pretty frickin awesome to spend way too much money on something like that. Something most people will never see.

So the roof is done. And the back extension ceiling is insulated.

And my deck is back on. With some mismatched wood, but on, nonetheless. It just needs cleaning and painting. Just. Ha. So does my front step. And I need to clean up the backyard again.

But unsexy reno #1, replacing the rotten wood and insulating the extension crawl space, is still underway. You might not notice it's not done because it's basically summer and you can't feel how cold the floor is and you'll probably never go down into that crawl space. At least, I hope for your sake that you never go down there. I, on the other hand, will probably be in there tomorrow morning putting away some of the construction materials that are otherwise lying about.

And I had my friends Sarah and Sharon come over and help me prep for painting. One room down - my front room ceiling and walls are primed white. All the walls need is a light sand, a whipe and they're ready for some Oyster Bay (grey-green).

I realized yet again how lucky I am. I have really great people who will help me with things. All sorts of things. And they're often really good at those things. Even when they're not, they're willing to learn and just do it. I'm so lucky. I hope that one day I can repay all of the favours that come my way.

And now on to bed so I can continue the Great House Clean-Up for the company arriving tomorrow.

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