Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New phone

Last night I got my new phone so that I could take advantage of the new plan offered by Telus. Now, I thought that the plan was super awesome, but it turns out that it's just pretty good.

However, I will say that it's a huge difference from my last phone, which was pretty bare-bones. And I've had it for about three years and the battery was starting to suck a lot. And I thought: what would I like with this new phone? I'd like email.

So I asked for it.
So they gave me unlimited browsing. Which I thought meant great email. But there's no application for email on this thing that can access my email unless I pay $5/mo which wasn't what I'd asked for. So I figured out that I have mobile email from my hosting provider and now I'm all stoked that I can do that.

So now I've become sort-of mobile-cool.

It's not a blackberry, it's not an iPhone. But it has a keyboard to type on. And it's NOT a million dollars. It's a free phone with a $17.50/mo plan. Which really is the best part.


Anonymous said...

can you recieve emails or just send?
does it weigh more than my purse

Unknown said...

I can receive emails and send them. But I have to go GET my email. It doesn't just download and let me know when I have a new email.

It weighs about the same as my old phone. So I guess it depends on how heavy your purse is... I'm guessing not, though.