Monday, April 13, 2009

Turn your photo-wall into a photo-corner

This weekend, I was working on my house and spent a few down-moments to consider my interior decorating (note that right now, I have primer on some walls, splatters of paint stripper on others, the outlines of de-assembled coat racks on still more and some crappy not-quite-white paint on the remaining ones).

I'm considering a palette including sagey green, light blue or a dark purpley/red (or possibly orange so I don't have to reupholster my couch, but maybe it's time anyway), dark brown and white. Inspiration came from a little vignette I have on my bookcase with my gorgeous orchid prominently featured. (Anyone recommending a spot where I should put together my palette?)

Anyway, I started thinking about art and what I'm going to do about it. This is pretty cool: a set of photo frames that wrap around a corner of your walls. Turns an otherwise useless chimney stack or heating duct into an art wall.

I like the dark brown frames. I'm not sure I have cool enough photos to put in there, though. OR do I want to create my own art? Or pay one of my many awesome photographer friends a small amount to create a gallery in my living room?

More here on the frame:

1 comment:

Raye said...

I absolutely LOVE that frame! So cool! Of course my current living situation doesn't allow me to showcase something so cool!

As for palette options? I kind of like the colour association stuff done on this show:

Maybe you could even be on the show?!!