Saturday, April 18, 2009

Splashin out!

This morning, my kitchen was naked.

I made my tea before a drywall backsplash. With penciled contractor sketches.

Now, it has a shiny new backsplash.

I'd been planning this for weeks. Ever since I finally got my outlets in the right places. Which apparently takes a long time to get around to. In any case, my handy friends Claude and Rebecca volunteered to help me. They arrived on bikes around 11am. By lunch time, the south wall was hung with subway tiles.

By 7pm we were sitting down to a Cambodian dinner with the whole kitchen clean and subway-tile shiny.

It looks weird. Like when your hair grows out, all scraggely and then you get a good, albeit short, haircut and it takes you a while to get used to it. Suddenly, I have a backsplash. For under $100!? (All I have left to do is grout it.)

And it was really quite fun. I'm feelin pretty powerful.


Anonymous said...

Looks Great! Grouting is still a lot of work ?

Kat said...

when are you having your house warming party?

Unknown said...

Well, I'm having people over for Raye's "I'm in Toronto" party. So that's KIND of like a house-warming party...

I'm thinking otherwise, it might be my birthday. I could do it sooner, but I thought maybe I should just combine the two -- what do you think?