Saturday, April 11, 2009

The joys of garbage

How are you spending YOUR Easter weekend?

I finally managed to get started on my landscaping project. Step one: prep.

Luckily, my contractor's scope of work included picking up after the renovations. As you can see from the photo (click for larger and more photos) he did such a bang-up job that it was all fun and games today.

Which, in my case, means picking up sodden drywall, fibreglass insulation that had melted into the soil, about 20 or so nails, bits of carpet underpadding and full on chunks of concrete that were on TOP of my flower beds. Sorry, former flower beds. Now it's pretty much of a wasteland.

The goal: make it a peaceful oasis.
The action plan?
  1. Ummmm, pick up garbage. One bin full, check. One bin still on the ground. Grr.
  2. Try to rake up all the shiny bits of bad insulation.
  3. Regrade soil (probably need to bring IN some soil)
  4. Fix the fence.
  5. Make the layout plan (likely to include a wide pathway, a shed, stable seating areas in the sun and shade and low-maintenance herbs, shrubs and perennials)
  6. Buy and build.
  7. Enjoy summer!
Oh AND I'm paying for my roof and gutters and back extension insulation project and then I have the projects I'm doing myself: kitchen backsplash, stairs (which I worked on this weekend - ready for the filler!) and painting. I'm hoping my mom will help with the sewing of cushions.

And I'm wondering if the project will EVER be done. (It won't.)

One step at a time.

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