Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mesh09 Toronto

Mesh09 Toronto
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This is what I'm doing.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

And I'm going to work. Because that's what I do. And I'm doing a BIG project there. AND I've got a migraine. AND I've got no medication. AND I was at work until 11pm last night. AND up at 7am. AND the streetcar didn't come. AND that made me late for the keynote. AND I had to pay full price for my London Fog this morning as I didn't have my cup OR my card.

AND today sucks, generally.
Please I would like it to end.

But I wrote a blog yesterday that I think is OK: "Bootstrapping or 'How to be a cheap b@st@rd'".

I am not the greatest company today. I'm sorry about that.

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