Tuesday, March 18, 2008

shopping is good

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Last night, after working late, I decided that it was time.

I was by myself. I had gift cards and needs and time.

So I walked to the Eaton Centre. There was almost no one there. I looked at the lingerie shops and Shoppers Drug Mart and luggage stores and Sephora.

I lingered until they were shutting the doors on me.

I bought chocolate and laundry detergent. I bought yummy smelly things and pretty pick me ups. I browsed through hundreds of wallets. I fingered the fine silks of many pyjamas and underwear. I ate ice cream and spoke to no one.

I spent almost nothing. But I came away satisfied.

Leisurely alone time can be delicious.


Kat said...

I have a gift card from Christmas for the Eaton Centre that I still haven't used. I am thinking I'll use it to get some new clothes once this baby is born! Right now the temptation is to spend it on the baby, which was not the original intention of the gift ;-)

Unknown said...

Definitely, spending gift cards and gift money on practical stuff is a risk you have to avoid.