Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quiet night

Earth Hour TorontoWhen I remembered it was Earth Hour, my lights had already been off for some time, actually. So I continued watching my movie and didn't turn on the lights to pour my tea. Do I think I really changed anything? No, not really. I'm very careful about turning off lights ALWAYS. That makes more of an impact than waiting an hour to turn on the lights so that I could find my MP3 player.

This morning, I dug out the now-ancient thing. Funny how quickly technology marches on. My MP3 player was good at the time and now... well, I don't use it much because I find it eats batteries and is inconvenient to change the music. Since it doesn't hold much music, that means I like to change the music a little more often. And by "not much" I mean it hold four or so albums, which is really quite fine. And makes me wonder if the problem is not the technology but our insatiable appetite for it and our ability to become used to whatever luxuries we have such that they are no longer luxuries.

I hate to admit it, but, like my dad, I try to use my technology as long as it serves me and not give in to upgrade for the sake of upgrading. ~cough~ I can't believe I just admitted I'm like my dad. ~cough~

Johnston Canyon, 2008Anyway, while I changed up my MP3 music, I also checked out the CD of photos from my ski trip. I uploaded a bunch to Facebook, so you can check them out if you can. I laughed at our stupid faces and inevitably someone's always picking their nose or showing bum crack. It's great -- my family is so great. I love us.

Funny how, with photos. I can feel so close to them right now even in my quiet, dark house. I was thinking of them again today as I was doing all the touch-up painting around my house. It was fun, actually. I had my aforementioned MP3 player on as Alex was still asleep. I'd already gone to Starbucks and already talked to the handyman who said he couldn't finish stuff up today (again!?) and really had not much else to do aside from get down to business. So, the touch ups, softly singing to myself -- it really isn't so bad when you have good music playing.

I was thinking about the other weekend when my mom and dad came again to help me with the odd jobs around here. So nice of them! I can't remember if I told you that the renos are finally getting done? Ya, I have a new door and it is beautiful and I'm sad that I didn't do it before so I could enjoy it longer. Oh well. And my laundry room! OH, I'm so happy and sad that I didn't do it when we moved in. I can't believe that we'll have been here two years soon. I feel like I never stopped working on this place. I guess that's the way it is with houses.

Which reminds me, I'm thinking of a condo next...
Then I can get back to the business of entertaining myself in this fun city!

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