Monday, March 17, 2008

The new definition of "House work"

This weekend, the handyman didn't show up... again. So I'm thinking maybe I need to find a new handyman? Except that he's done PART of the work. How do I get him to finish??

In the meantime, my family was over to help me out with some other tasks I've been meaning to get done. Repainting a bedroom that was painted to MY taste rather than more generic neutral colours. Recaulking the bathtub, cleaning up the storage space in the basement, fixing the dryer, putting a door back on furnace room, etc.

It was SO kind of everyone to help again. They worked and I fed them and they took a bunch of my stuff away for storage while we gear up for an open house.

Sometimes I think about owning something smaller. A condo, perhaps. Simple. Less responsibility.

I also managed to see Menopause Out Loud with my mom and our family friend, Marlene. She's a regular reader of my blog. We loved the show. OK, so I'm not close to being menopausal, but I still found the show lots of fun! And we had a nice thai meal together and walked around downtown a bit in the lovely weather.

All in all, a really nice day.
But I'll tell you, I am SO looking forward to the long weekend!

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