Thursday, March 13, 2008

As if I DON'T need this...

I have been thinking bad thoughts about desserts all day.

Naughty naughty thoughts have me obsessing over ice cream and warm brownie and pecans and chocolate sauce.

It all started with the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies this morning as I passed through Union Station. Damn them and their tempting, mouth watering concoctions.

And for lunch I had my boring sub of the day and facing me down at home is a container of very healthy vegetable soup.

A girl needs some ooey gooey goodness in her life, doesn't she?

Unfortunately, I have lately been feeling the effects of a long snowy winter that has kept my bike locked up in the bike room. Of long days and evenings stuck in front of my computer or the TV or reading. Of a less than over-exerting ski vacation.

How does one balance the need for yum with the need to NOT be a hideously flabby tub that no longer fits in her cuter clothes?


Raye said...

i am all about being the flabby, no-cute-clothes-fitting tub right now as i try to finish off my semester. where is there room for academic excellence and excercise at the same time?!

Unknown said...

Where is there room for LIFE and exercise? I wish I had more friends who were interested in doing active things as I could then combine my desire for social interaction and fat-melting...

Maybe the room for exercise and education comes in the form of audio books and podcasts on the treadmill?

Sara Desjardins said...

I believe the answer is living somewhere where you can ride your bike all year!!

PS - gooey goodness is always a priority in my books!! When can we meet for DQ?? ;)