Saturday, February 02, 2008

winter storm in Toronto

under my umbrella
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I've joined the BlogTO Flickr group -- not that I ever post reasonable photos that I would post to this group, but I like to belong to things that mean something to me. It gives me a place to go to find appropriate photos for my blog. (You've probably noticed that I've been posting photos with my blogs lately too?)

Anyway, on my walk to Starbucks this morning (this photo is taken on Queen West and I'm on the Danforth, but it's surprisingly similar) I was thinking about how beautiful the city can look under a blanket of snow. So I cursed myself for not having a camera and not really having the talent to post something pretty anyway even if I did have my camera.

At this point, the temperature is rising so I didn't have to hate the winter at all. Instead, I could appreciate the snow sticking to the the tree branches and the mounds of pure white (soon to be a grey slushy mess) on everyone's laws and even the sidewalk.

The snow has a way of absorbing sound as well, so it was exceptionally quiet. And then there were all those nice people out shoveling their sidewalks. I got to say hello to them and they always gave me a friendly smile, nod and "hello" back. (I'm always telling people that Toronto isn't as unfriendly as many people think. It just depends on YOU and whether you're engaging or not. I find people in Toronto very willing to chat and stop in the middle of their snow-shoveling.)

I, on the other hand, didn't have to shovel my sidewalk or even my path to my door. The nice man down the street came and cleared it for me with his snow blower. How nice! Unfortunately, he also forgot to come to my house afterward to do the home fix-it projects that I had discussed with him earlier this week. Not sure what's happening there, but it seems he has better things to do than drywall my basement. Hm, what could POSSIBLY be better than that?

In any case, as I sit here, waiting for the handyman to maybe come over and do some work (although it's looking grim at this point), I keep hearing the heavy snow falling from roof.

I'm sad to think that all of this snow will soon be gone as the weather warms in the next couple of days. I wish I could have done my home improvement projects more quickly and gotten the house on the market this weekend. That way, I could have a winter wonderland open house. When there are basically no other open houses or houses for sale in the whole neighbourhood. I could serve hot cocoa and cinnamony apple cider as people milled about, admiring the polished floors and tumbled marble backsplash. And then someone would offer me a jillion dollars for my cute warm cozy house so that I wouldn't have to buy an overpriced silly condo and we would all live happily ever after.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Captain,

Yeah, Toronto looks amazing. Its funny, because Tokyo had a MASSIVE snowstorm last night. It was AWESOME. All the Gaijin (foreigners( are loving it and the Japanese are hating it. Who cares, Tokyo never looked better. I reckon the same applies to Toronto...or how the Japanese say...To-Lon-To!