Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fernie, Day One

Today was WET on the hill at Fernie. WET. We all got soaked. It seems that we bring the crap weather with us every time. It's the third time I've been here and the third time that it's rained on us.

There was a moment of panic today. Mom had decided to stay in the day lounge after lunch as she was soaked.

Will and I were going a different way from Matt and Jen and the snow was so deep and heavy from all the wet snow that had been falling all morning.

Will skiis on ahead. Ny skiis started catching in the deep snow... sinking... and suddenly, SNAP! my ski comes off. BURIED in the snow. I stop. I dig. I keep digging. There's so much snow. As deep as me, probably. And there are no other skiers around. I'm starting to panic. Ohmygod, what am I going to do? I yell for Will, but he's too far away. I yell for help, there's no one around. I'm digging and yelling and panicking... finally, a skier arrives and I ask him for help and so he helps me... then his two friends arrive and also help me and between the four of us we FINALLY find my ski. Deep sigh of relief. Will arrives, having slowly, painfully pulled himself back UP the hill, realizing that there must be something wrong.

After that I was scared and tired. My thighs were burning. Too much snow, too tired. I was done.

So down we went and stayed with mom in the lounge and waited for Matt and Jen. My second pair of gloves were already soaked through. UGH. Wet sucks.

But now, warm and dry in the hotel room, it all seems not so horrible. And tomorrow's weather report looks promising. Better luck tomorrow, I hope!

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