Saturday, February 09, 2008

POW, here I come!

We arrived eventually in Calgary -- late, but safe, after a comedy of errors.

We picked up the ginormous van that we'll be driving around the Rockies and I got to drive the mammoth back to my sister's place where we had some late-night pizza. In case you happen to be in Calgary, Al's is AWESOME pizza!

We finally got to bed at 3am, Toronto time. UGH.
And I woke up at 10am Toronto time to take my migraine tablet. If there's anything my body consistently doesn't like, it's disruptions to its routine. Sigh.

My sister, the physio, did some special accupunture on me that brought tears to my eyes but relieved the pressure and that, in combination with my medication that finally worked, seems to have relieved the stupid thing.

And now, after our Starbucks run, we're off to Fernie, Kicking Horse (Golden), Lake Louise and Sunshine. In -28-degrees!? It's going to be a COLD ski trip!

I can't wait to hit the pow!

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