Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obay discovered!

Just yesterday I was asking someone about the Obay ads that I've been seeing on the subway.

So of course, he had to find out and send me THIS ARTICLE from the Torontoist just as it was found out by the rest of the world.

Clever ad campaign. I love stuff like this.

I tend to get lots of ideas on the subway and have many random conversations. Such as the one yesterday about transforming poo into a biofuel. The argument against it was the smell. I thought that if you could turn the poo into a biofuel, you could certainly find a way to transform the poo gas smell molecule. Then, today, I was hit with an article about CO2 being transformed into fuel. Both metabolic waste materials: CO2 already being used as fuel. Basically, I am a genius, is all this means.

I have thoughts that get answered as I think them.

And, yes, I'll be posting a post-vacay follow-up soon!

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Unknown said...

Mom or Dad were upset that they couldn't post blog comments anymore without logging in.

Their comment:

So I think we should get ‘obay’ as a shower gift for new moms. Makes kids boring but easier. Easier to raise sheep with no wolves around