Thursday, June 15, 2006

I helped produce an interesting event today for the launch of Women in Technology's Toronto Chapter launch: Sharing What it Takes to Advance in your Career

The women on the panel were amazing ladies:
Smart. Confident. Driven. Witty.

I suppose I've heard similar words of advice in other events that I've been to, but I just needed a refresher -- some incentive.

  • choose jobs that scare you; that's where you'll learn the most
  • choose lofty goals; even if you only get halfway there, you're better off than if you'd chosen a modest goal
  • diversify yourself (don't get pigeon-holed)
  • network; you're always in sales - selling yourself
  • be confident and bold in your choices and others will follow
  • surround yourself with smart people, that way it doesn't matter how much you know
  • choose positions that get you somewhere - preferably somewhere closer to changing the world
  • don't be afraid to make mistakes; mistakes are the best opportunity to learn

I've been feeling a little comfortable - I need to push some personal boundaries. I need to get motivated again.

Women often feel that they need to be better, more educated, more of an expert, in order to be just as good as any guy in a job. In reality, it's the confidence that matters.

Dear god, I'm in trouble.

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