Thursday, June 22, 2006

Big Day - lawyer day.

Unfortunately, when I asked the lawyer two days ago what I had to bring to this meeting, he said "nothing."

This morning I find out that I have to being The Cheques.

That has resulted in a LOT of last-minute running around to make sure that the money that was to be in my account by tomorrow morning is in my account by 2:30pm today.

All the stars have finally aligned except one.

Is this normal? Closing day is tomorrow. Why do I have to give the lawyer The Cheque tonight? And why didn't he tell me this earlier?

I'm sure he figured that I had all of this organized ages ago, because I'm such an organized person. I wish. This has been by far the messiest financial transaction that I've ever embarked on.

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CityRat said...

Don't worry, it'll all work out and everything will fall into place. Then it's just the moving in and getting situated...which i'm still doing after a year and a half. I think my parents still have stuff they haven't unpacked after they moved into their current house over 20 years ago. But maybe that's just my family.