Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I decided to take the day off to pack (I actually stayed up super late last night packing and completed most of it this morning) and do some more painting before we move in.

Painted the upstairs bedrooms Jalapeno Pepper. Interesting shade of green. It certainly pops next to the lilac colour that the previous owner favoured (insert gag).

My friend Sara (with no 'h') helped me paint, which was a total godsend as we were able to get 2 coats in both rooms! However, we didn't have any white to finish the other 2 walls in the bedrooms so that they won't be OVERWHELMINGLY diarrhea colour. That will have to wait until after we move in.

We got some plastic over all of the reno refuse in the back before the downpour started so that it wouldn't become a sopping mess or float away before we had a chance to dispose of it.

Painting can be such total fun but it's all the prep and clean-up work that kind of spoils it. Too bad - it's a pleasant mindless activity otherwise.

I'm finishing up my final packing and I actually think I'm going to be OK. Alex, on the other hand, I cannot speak for. You'd never have known that I would be so calm this morning, though. I began the typical Cathy-panic that goes with every move. Alex was typically very good at calming me down.

The big day has arrived and I must turn off my computer so that I can pack it up too. Exciting - tomorrow night I'll be sleeping in my own house!

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