Friday, February 03, 2006

"You have cool taste in music."

That's what he said. And I will remember it. I fairly glowed with pleasure.

Coming from such a snob, it's no wonder that I should feel so affected a seemingly innocent, careless sort of comment. But these words were not given lightly. And so I do not take them lightly.

There are people out there, notably my friend Scott of RaptorBlog fame, who do not agree with the assessment.

I do believe his diatribe including the phrase, "you have the WORST taste in music" has stuck with me for about 10 years. My ever-so-eloquent come-back ("in YOUR opinion" - god, I embarass myself) was a feeble attempt to cover up my injured pride.

However, the recent compliment did include a qualifier: it is the most chilled-out cool music collection on record. Touché.

And I can't get enough. Even now, I praise internet radio and especially radioAmbient for its ability to satiate my appetite.

To be honest, I can't find a radio station that has quite my collection mix in rotation. And so I continue to collect oddities from LimeWire. I suspect it will soon be time to start up my own internet radio show.

Ha, right. Right after I finally find the spare time for that long-awaited redesign...

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Anonymous said...

whats cool is you have your own taste. you dont jump on bandwagons, you dont accept what is fed to you by conventional media as "the word in music". your taste is your own and i respect that. i dont care who claims certain music is good, cool, or technically superior. its all conjecture/semantics. does it make you want to rock, dance or give someone the finger? do you respond to it emotionally? thats what matters to me. the rest is just bunk.