Sunday, February 19, 2006

Of course I chose one of the coldest days to finally get out on the slopes.

My mom and I managed to get out to Mount St. Louis Moonstone yesterday.

We brushed off all our equipment and put on every last piece of warmth. Mom finally bought her battery-heated ski boots and wanted to try them out before we go to Calgary on our ski vacation. At least her feet were warm and comfortable.

And I remembered how to ski - a miracle! The lesson that I took last year at Sunshine came back to me.

And my back that has been killing me for the past couple of weeks didn't act up too badly. It's a little stiff, but I can't tell whether it's from the skiing or the run I went for on Thursday night.

I think I'm in good shape for our ski trip out west. And excited!

Now I'm doing my laundry and cleaning house for my guest who arrives tomorrow. Jaap is returning to Toronto! It's probably a good time anyway, since Alex will be busy the entire week and it will at least keep my mind off the fact that I've only seen him for a 1.5 hours in the past week and that I won't see him at all for the next two. Strange for a couple who live in the same city.

OK, I need to get back to the cleaning and cooking to take my mind off the stupidity of my personal life. Blogging about it just makes me sad.

Anyone have any good ideas for things to do with my guest in Toronto next week?

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