Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Canadians and their Olympic hockey.

There are several guys here who have been watching the game from the auditorium downstairs - we've been broadcasting the game this afternoon for all of our tenants. There's one guy who has his computer set to a blog that gives him updates as they happen.

Every once in a while someone calls out the score.

"Nothing-Nothing at the start of the third period."
"1-0 - Russia scored."
"Oh no!"
"Don't' worry, it's early yet"
"2-0 - it's over."

And now it is over and we're going home.
Why am I so sad? I don't even watch hockey, generally.

But there's something about Canadians that gets all tied up in Olympic hockey fever.

You know, today we won 3 medals in speed skating, a medal in cross-country skiing and our men were guaranteed a medal in curling. And all I can think about is that our hockey team is going home.

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