Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ohmygosh I have a beautiful new cool apartment!

Mom and I painted all day today, thanks to paint from Tree and our good friends at Behr.

We painted two walls of my living room Ryegrass green and my bedroom is now mostly >Cream Silk with one wall of Ryegrass.

It looks so great, I can't STAND it!
It's the first time I've ever painted a place, so it's very exciting!

I had almost forgotten what the place looked like. The kitchen is all new with new appliances, and even though it's the smallest kitchen I've ever had, it's got lots of cupboard space. And the bathromm is blinding with fresh white. The hardwood floors gleam, the huge windows face north and the walk-in closet is a dream!

I'm just ecstatic and can't wait to move in all of my things!
I suppose I should start with actually packing and hiring a mover.
Anyone feel like moving me tomorrow?

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