Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Holy crap. I don't have enough boxes.

I do, however, have a moving company and elevators booked.
Look how organized I am!

I am not panicking. I am calmly eating a tropical corn flake krispy (my own creation) and planning on visiting Zellers shortly.

I am poised.
I am the picture of grace under pressure.

* * * * * *

We live in a world bereft of boxes. Save one; and I have it.

I live across the street from a mall with a Zellers and a grocery store, and all I came home with was ONE box and that one only because I harassed a lady in the middle of the store as she was stocking shelves.

What a sad, box-poor country we are!

And then a man in my building came to the rescue and offered me 4 boxes that he happened to have in his truck! My hero!

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