Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I finished reading my vacation book today: The Life of Pi. Yes, if you're from Canada, you've probably already read it and recommended it to me.

And, yes, it was good.

No, I didn't think the first 100 pages were a bore.

I really liked it, but I think it was a bit overrated. And I think there were parts that I didn't really understand. But it was still good. And I'm very proud of myself for finally reading it. I've had the damn book since last summer!

Next book on the agenda?
Not sure; maybe I should first finish one of the three I've been trying to get through for the past year? The Dance was promising, but it's hard cover and the kind of thing you want to read when you're in the bath or really need to get over a hump in your life...

Come to think of it, this might be the PERFECT book.

I don't know WHAT is wrong with me. I'm having emotional out-bursts. Crying spontaneously. Hating everything (except my recent vacation and maybe my dinner mentioned below, although I'm starting to hate the feeling of that in my stomach right now too).

I feel restless. Or maybe it's hormones? Perhaps my neurotransmitters are just freaking out? It's totally time for a change.

Thank GOD I'm moving soon!

I get possession of my place this weekend and I'm going to paint!
Then I'll be packing for the next two weeks, as a rational, calm human being does when they're moving. I certainly WILL NOT be the panic-stricken freak that I've known in the past. Nope, I'm a new woman. Alex is the moving master. It's a good thing he likes me, or we might all die in this move.

Thankfully, I have a year lease at the new place and I won't have to write about moving for a full year! How exciting for you! (Scary for me - means I have to stay PUT for a year.)

And thankfully, spring is actually unpacking here in Toronto. That's always a good change for me. I'm an unabashed sun-worshipper and I've been wearing my spring jacket, walking home with my face soaking in the sunset.

Just what the doctor ordered.


Unknown said...

Case in point that I'm a changed woman and will not be a panic-sticken-moving-freak:

1. I have just changed all my billing addresses to the new place.

2. I have just changed my phone contract and rate plane with Telus so I am TOTALLY set up to use my cell as my ONLY phone.

3. I have already collected boxes and have started taking my dishes and cutlery out of use.


Raye said...

You know, it feels good to know that you have the same excited/freakingness going on about your move as I do. I must make note of your rational changes.

This week I have been unable to sleep (in spite of a need for it to write exams and start a new job) as my mind is whirling with the issues of moving to Halifax - in FOUR months. I should not be having a crisis yet - but here it is!

We must get together soon to bask in the sunlight and be calm.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't use me as your role model quite yet. I'm moving in about a week and I still haven't researched a mover. Or started actually packing anything into the boxes.

However, I'm feeling you on the sleep issue. Seriously, why has the Sleep foresaken me?

I'm sure it has nothing to do with being up with Alex until all hours. Oh, the life of a rockstar... ;)