Sunday, April 17, 2005

If there is one thing that truly stresses me out, it's packing. I can feel the panic rising and I'm only one my third box of books and CDs. A box of knickknacks stands open, unsure what to do with itself.

I have a pile of newspapers, waiting for the dishwasher to run and finish so I can pack up my kitchen.

Everything in limbo. I never seem to know what to do.

Do I pack my clothes and bedding in a backpack? In a box? What do I do with the dirty laundry? Am I supposed to label all of the boxes? Do I empty all drawers or tape them shut? Should I go through things and throw out the stuff I don't need?

I think I need more boxes.
Where is Alex when I need him?


Unknown said...

Procrastination Part 1: make rice crispy squares because I need to use up my marshmallows.

Unknown said...

Procrastination Part 2: check email and blog.

Unknown said...

Procrastination Part 3: look up packing tips.

Not entirely wasteful. Answered question regarding emptying drawers and how to pack clothes. I didn't know you could get free wardrobes from your mover!

Unknown said...

Procrastination Part 4: Call home to announce that I've found my ski lock. And that movers are expensive.

Unknown said...

Procrastination Part IV: make banana bread. Must use up frozen bananas, afterall.

Unknown said...

Procrastination, the Neverending Story: check email and blog.

Eat banana bread.

Unknown said...

- done books and CDs
- almost done kitchen
- almost done knickknacks.

Yay Cathy!

To do:
- food
- bedding, linen
- files
- computer
- clothes


Unknown said...

Procrastination Final Conflict: leave half-full boxes around the apartment and go to bed. It may have won the battle, but I will win the war!