Sunday, December 05, 2004

Every time I go to update my site, DreamWeaver does something demonic to my pages and messes everything up.

I'd like to use another editor, but the DW interface is so easy because it has the site file structure on my computer and on my server and I can just use the DW FTP. However, if it keeps acting like the devil, then I'm going to have to lay the smackdown on it.

Any suggestions for a better (free) editor?
Digifox once recommended UltraEdit, but it kinda sucks.

I am wistful for the days of BBEdit on my Mac.

First good suggestion gets eternal love from me...


Kat said...

Notepad. :-)

Or, Homesite (notepad on vitamins)

Unknown said...

OK, yes, I use Notepad on other people's computers, but for myself, I find UltraEdit better than Notepad.

I would like to use HomeSite, only it's not free.