Saturday, December 11, 2004

Just finished checking out Scott's new blog, TextMachine. I'm, again, quite jealous of the quality of writing and ideas.

Sometimes I read other people's blogs and I think "damn, I need to do better" and then I realize that I don't care enough at this stage. I mean, I care, but not enough to actually spend the amount of time that would be necessary to really improve the WGC-blog.

It's fine for now. I send my words off into a void and sometimes people read and sometimes not and maybe oneday when I realize that I hate my stressful life as Professional Cathy, then the dream-job (OK, maybe I'd rather be Managing Editor at a Travel site instead of Health) will take a back seat to my personal writing.

However, I'm finding it more and more difficult to find the joy in the so-called dream job. It's all perspective, I'm sure. It's teaching me some great lessons. All I need to do is apply them to my own life. I can't wait.

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