Friday, December 03, 2004


Just read another installment from Raye's newsletter.

My favourite part was the Danier honesty questionnaire. Raye is always a good read. She'd mentioned The Constantines, but I checked out their site and listened to some music and wasn't keen on it. I prefer The Free Press. I wish I'd gone to their show at the Horseshoe to see how they're sounding these days.

And when I was checking out these sites it occurred to me to check my own site traffic stats.

Turns out that my traffic took a major dip in August-September. I guess I wasn't being very interesting. I wonder if checking my traffic affects how or what I write. I mean, how could it NOT?

Then I noticed that the GTABloggers linked to me. Isn't that nice? I had no idea. I just found out right this minute that I missed their holiday party tonight. Boo!

Their site's not bad. Some pretty good T.O. events.


Anonymous said...

I also like The Free Press... you're sweet.

Unknown said...

Survived a night of Christmas parties.

Figured out that I might need a hair straightener.