Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Back when I actually used to cook, I used to consider myself a bit of a foodie.

At that time, I was enamored with Epicurious. And, don't get me wrong, it's still good, but I have fallen in LOVE.

Not only can I very very easily save my recipes to my recipe box, but I can add selected recipes to my SHOPPING LIST and it creates the grocery shopping list for me. Plus, it has a recipe clipboard that shows you all the recipes that you've clicked on recently, and you can bookmark them for future use.

And the Search. I don't know if I should even start about the search. You can search by ingredient, by category, by the Top Ten, by the amount of time you have, or by the person who submitted the recipe.

Goodness. That is a seriously GREAT search engine.
It boggles my mind that I'm fighting to convince my Tech team that we need to make minor revisions to our search function when something like THIS exists.

And that's all good... but get THIS:
You can convert any recipe to METRIC or change the number of servings with a simple click.

I am drooling.
I wish I'd built this dream tool.

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