Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Well, I'm still working my bum off. Still doing 12-hour days. Still going to class on Tuesday nights.

This is the first night I've been home at a normal time. I celebrated by taking a long hot bath. In a candle-lit bathroom. With Sade playing. Magik.

A coworker sent me a stress quiz and it turns out I'm stressed.

~shocked silence~

And that I'm taking it out on other people.
That's the worst part, really. I don't like that person I become when I'm overworked and frustrated and have no patience.

However, I'm really glad that I went to visit Raye in Sudbury last weekend. She's so great to talk to. We just talked talked talked all weekend. And saw Ladder 49, which is a bad movie that you should only see with someone as willing to laugh at it as Raye.

And I read a lot on the 5-hr bus ride to the Big Nickel. I finished my book of short stories by women travellers and started on an inspiring book called Me to We. It's all about returning to a community approach to life, where people help each other. I'm really quite jaded by our consumerist society lately.

I need some time to live life.

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