Sunday, October 10, 2004

Staying with Will and Lisa in Ottawa for Thanksgiving weekend, he brought out some old Liberty magazines he'd found from 1957.

One of the hot topics discussed was "Should you help your wife with the household chores?"

One man wrote, "I ain't no hen-pecked chore horse" and that men should "belt your wife to show her who's boss in the house."

Interesting that this was a p.c. enough topic to discuss in a consumer magazine. Several articles discussed women's place in the home. I suddenly had a nightmare vision of having to stay home all day, cleaning. Even the cooking part would get old real quick.

Mom also read me an article: "how to talk about sex with your date." It recommended responses to men's racy talk ("they consider this part of their seduction ritual" apparently). It gave an example of one man's "sex talk": "Women go wild for my profile. For example Suzy..." The lady's response was appropriately demure: "Well, I know Suzy and she's NOT that kind of girl and, frankly, neither am I!"

Shocking sex talk, to be sure. But he respected her after that.

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